Using Different Perspectives Towards Transformation

Every workplace has their unique blend of different personalities, perspectives and needs. These differences can contribute to a creative and productive working environment, but they can also be an obstacle to productivity if they lead to tension and conflict. Having the skills to manage the tension and uncertainty that emerges out of such differences is a growing need in international organizations.

The training Mellem Education offers is relevant and engaging, in that it draws out the natural dynamics of a team, including issues of power and hierarchy, as well as personality clashes. The group is given a specific task and asked to come up with a solution. The reflection after the task requires the group not only to reflect on the solution but on the process. By reflecting on process, the group can become more aware of their own dynamics and have an opportunity to examine and express their needs, thereby transforming their habitual practices and creating an inspiring new way to work together.

This type of intervention can give employees and the team the skills to benefit from a diversity of perspectives, by using the ensuing tension and conflict as opportunities for reflection. This in turn promotes a more enjoyable and productive working environment, where a working team does not have to be blocked by differences but can grow and learn through them.

Relevance to Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Organizations that promote diversity, inclusion and belonging are more attractive to younger employees, have a more positive social footprint, reduce turnover and have better outcomes. Many interventions that aim to promote diversity and inclusion (e.g. team building, implicit bias training) have a tendency to keep employees in their comfort zone. Teaching skills that promote diversity and inclusion is often not aimed at the employees’
emotional growth and deep personal transformation.

Since implementing diversity and inclusion in an organization can create tension, conflict, and be emotionally challenging, training skills to manage uncertainty, different perspectives and ambiguity is a growing need. People tend to stay in their comfort zone and avoid tension, conflict and vulnerability. However even though emotionally challenging, it is only when employees are allowed to experience discomfort and vulnerability, that real psychological safety emerges. The real need is therefore not only to move people out of their comfort zones, but to generate a safe zone, where discomfort can be thoroughly experienced and felt.

A structured intervention can give employees and the team the skills to benefit from change and uncertainty, which in turn will promote a more authentic practice of diversity and inclusion. Hence the organization will become more attractive to younger employees, have a more positive social footprint, reduce turnover and have better outcomes.


Mellem Education’s expert staff offers this training as a consecutive two-day seminar, with a follow-up meeting two months after the training. Another possibility is leading a one-day seminar, followed by another one-day seminar two months later. The structure can be adapted according to the needs of the company.


“Our management team had an exciting and educational day together with Tali. With her quiet and listening presence, she created a focused space where all the participants felt seen and heard. She showed a very special ability to draw reactions, arguments, questions and conclusions from the participants by setting up a very special framework. It embodied in some exercises and processes that we all were able to reflect on and learn from afterwards. In certain situations, we experienced ourselves far away from our daily comfort zone – and in the pattern that emerged we could recognize ourselves, mirror ourselves, wonder and reflect on how it could be translated into our common culture, habits and daily cooperation in the organization. I highly recommend Tali’s workshop to all organizations that cultivate cooperation across multiple departments and operate with large cross-disciplinary development projects.” – Michael Demsitz, CEO, Boligkontoret Danmark

“The workshop prompted us to look at ourselves in a new way. It was educational. You can get tired of smart consultants with PowerPoint presentations to train executives. Tali’s approach is present and involves everyone in a new and inspiring way with focus on the participants.” – Katja Adelhøj Lindblad, Boligkontoret Danmark

“I have attended hundreds of presentations and conferences during my 36 years as a healthcare provider, but I’ve never sat through such an innovative approach towards resolving or just discussing both individual and collective conflicts, often the underlying reason our emotional and physical health declines… I can see where your program can be used within the business community to assist with specific administrative conflict resolution, as well as enhance employee/managerial productivity.” – Joel E. Margolies, DC

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