The model of what it means to be a leader is changing. The old version of holding power over others is now known to be unsustainable. Those leaders who hold the team with confidence and shared responsibility become the most successful. Core abilities, such as self-reflection, awareness of ones actions and flexibility to adapt to change are not learned from a book, but rather from real life experience.

The workshops and trainings delivered by Mellem Education are experience-based, in that participants go through an activity together, and then get to reflect directly on their actions in that activity. This makes the training less theoretical and more practical, giving a real-life relevance to the experience. Often times leadership trainings are merely acting classes on how to act like a leader or look like a leader, but this breaks down in the face of one conflict or a stressful situation. The trainings we deliver focus on the internal, while not being overly psychological, and give participants the practice of self-reflection and awareness of their actions.

The trainings have a game-like aspect, making them fun and light, as well as the deeper, more challenging moments of reflection. This balance builds the team atmosphere in the group, and enhances the learning experience. The result is a true confidence, an ability to lead and learn from others, and a strong sense of responsibility that inspires others to hold their own responsibility as well. This is a true sign of leadership.


Mellem Education’s expert staff offers this training as a consecutive two-day seminar, with a follow-up meeting two months after the training. Another possibility is leading a one-day seminar, followed by another one-day seminar two months later. The structure can be adapted according to the needs of the company.


“I have attended hundreds of presentations and conferences during my 36 years as a healthcare provider, but I’ve never sat through such an innovative approach towards resolving or just discussing both individual and collective conflicts, often the underlying reason our emotional and physical health declines… I can see where your program can be used within the business community to assist with specific administrative conflict resolution, as well as enhance employee/managerial productivity.” – Joel E. Margolies, DC

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