what we do

Mellem Education specializes in organizing trainings, workshops and events that facilitate learning and exploration of topics such as: equality and freedom, decision making, intercultural and interfaith communication, conflict management, democracy education, human rights, majorities and minorities etc.

Unlike traditional education, these trainings are unique in focusing on an experiential exploration of these topics rather then just learning about them as theories. In this way, participants actually step into these topics and come to a deeper understanding about themselves.

In our trainings we commonly use the Betzavta methodology, the Restorative circle, thematic interactive activities and group reflection.

What we offer:

School Seminars

In schools we deliver seminars that involve interactive discussion, games and activities that promote awareness of the elements of democracy and citizenship, such as identity, culture, religion, sense of belonging and more. Read More.

Click here to download a Schools flyer (in Danish).

For curriculum ideas and resources, click here to download SALTO’s Value the Difference Resource Pack, written by Mellem Education’s Director.

NGO/ Youth Worker trainings

We have experience with organizing trainings through Erasmus+. We have organized trainings in countries such as Germany, Armenia, Denmark and Poland and have hosted participants from all over Europe. Our trainings are mostly focused on democracy, freedom, inclusion and exclusion, intercultural and interfaith dialogue. Read more.

Click here to download a flyer about our NGO / Youth Worker Trainings.

Corporate Trainings

Organizations today survive and thrive in uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Today’s 21st century organization requires leaders to think in the present moment, in the face of uncertainty or their own frustration or anxiety. Yet employees can become stuck in their certainty, making them unable to ‘unlearn’ practices that are unexamined, ritualized and even harmful to their surroundings. Mellem Education’s workshops addresses this gap with its workshops and training programs. Read more.