tali Tali Padan has been working in the field of Intercultural Education for over ten years. She started off in New York City, teaching and organizing digital media skills workshops for a variety of communities in the city. She also worked in Riker’s Island Jail, developing and delivering workshops to the women’s section of the Jail. Supported by the Humboldt Foundation, she completed an M.A. in Intercultural Conflict Management in Berlin, Germany. She then went on to work for the Anne Frank Trust in England and then the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, delivering workshops and trainings about the Holocaust and how we can reflect and act on discrimination nowadays. She is now the Director of Mellem Education and delivers trainings across Europe and the US in the fields of intercultural communication, conflict management and democracy and human rights education, as well as bridging Middle Eastern communities in Europe. She is originally from Israel, grew up in the US and is now living in Denmark. She is currently doing a PhD in Copenhagen Business School, to bring these transformative methods into business education.

sofieSofie Rørdam works with different institutions, grassroots and documentary storytellers focusing on the issues of human rights and the human spirit. Hoping through the production and promotion of conscious media to encourage critical reflection on our contemporary world. Sofie has lived and worked in different parts of Asia, latest in India with the global documentary film festival and alternative online distributions platform Culture Unplugged. As a long time Astangha yoga practitioner and teacher, she likes to explore the strong connection between the personal & the political – our social structures & our mental structures. Sofie has studied journalism at Hong Kong University and holds a MA in Visual Culture studies and a BA in Film and Media studies from the University of Copenhagen.

ondraOndřej Šťastný works with Mellem Education in the area of program support and administration. Ondra enjoys to take part in activities that involve intercultural communication, Betzavta methodology, and youth work. He likes non-formal education trainings that use self-reflection and dialog and aim for mutual understanding, sharing and exploration of ourselves. In 2014 he completed his bachelor degree in Pedagogy with specialization in Physical education and English language. Ondra has also been a youth football teacher in the Czech Republic for 3 years and spent one year in European Voluntary Service working with children in Portugal. The past two years he was living and working in a spiritual community in Portugal and now he lives in Copenhagen.