tali Tali Padan has a PhD from Copenhagen Business School in the area of Management Learning and a Master’s degree in Intercultural Conflict Management. She has worked as a group facilitator for over ten years, working with a variety of groups from NGO youth workers, schools and universities to working teams in corporations. Her current focus is on how groups can use and reflect on their working dynamics by lingering in moments of discomfort, tension and uncertainty in order to grow together. She previously worked in the area of Holocaust Education in the UK and Netherlands, and in her current home in Denmark, she is the Director of Mellem Education and delivers trainings across Europe and the US in the fields of intercultural communication, conflict management and democracy education. She also founded Salaam Shalom in Denmark, an initiative to bridge Jewish-Muslim as well as Middle Eastern communities. She is originally from Israel, grew up in the US and has lived in Copenhagen for the past decade.