We have experience with organizing trainings through Erasmus+. We have organized trainings in countries such as Germany, Armenia, Denmark and Poland and have hosted participants from all over Europe. Our trainings are mostly focused on democracy, freedom, inclusion and exclusion, intercultural and interfaith dialogue.

Mellem Education has found that NGOs who work on promoting democratic practices and peacemaking often have much internal conflict of their own.  This is often not treated as part of their work, but as a separate, taboo part of the culture of the organisation.  We at Mellem see this as an opportunity – If you are trying to promote democracy, why not examine democracy in your own organisation?  NGOs who see this potential learn that this helps their organisations and their staff grow and develop.  Otherwise, we are always separating “who we are” with “what we do”.  How can we bring peace if we ourselves are not at peace?

This deep examination of the gap between who we are and what we do enables this gap to close. We offer this training to NGOs and Youth Workers because of their commitment to make a positive difference in the world.


Read more about the Betzavta methodology to see an example of the method we use for our NGO / Youth Worker trainings.

Click here to download a flyer about our NGO / Youth Worker Trainings.


“This training should be given in every high school in the United States. Every organization or business that is concerned with, or profiting from, promoting principles of democracy and freedom should host such a training for their leadership. If this were done, I have no doubt that the founders of our country would feel that the essence of their legacy is alive and well.”- Shepha Schneirsohn Vainstein, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, founder reGeneration