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Mellem works with the Adam Institute‘s Betzavta methodology, a method to relate principles of democracy to everyday decision making.  Betzavta enables an experiential way to learn about democracy and the democratic process.  The principles and concepts behind democracy – equality, freedom, majorities, minorities – are applied in the group context, allowing the individual to reflect on his/her role in a group.  Rather than learning about democracy as a theory, Betzavta allows you to practice it, challenging each person on the difference between what they say and how they behave.

Tali Padan has been running Betzavta workshops in the context of intercultural conflict management and in professional development contexts. Because the process is given by the group dynamics, Betzavta can be applied across these broad frameworks, ultimately aiming towards the notion of recognizing the principle equal right of every individual to freedom. This is applied personally, within a group and within a society, for a “bottom up” approach to improving communication.

Betzavta trainings have been given in schools, NGOs and corporations.  Read more about Betzavta here, and see our past projects for more specific examples.

The best way to experience Betzavta is through a four part immersive training.  Mellem’s staff is also available for an introductory session of 90 minutes.