2016/July     Fix the System or ourselves?

An article for Coyote Magazine

From my experience, it is the “unlearning” that makes the most difference. In our divided world, filled with separation, division and conflict, more knowledge and information are not really leading us towards peace… Read on.

2016/June     Humboldt Foundation Alumni Association: An interview with Tali Padan

An interview of Tali Padan by Tyler Tunkle

AFAvH: Tell us about your new organization, Mellem Education. What is its goal how are you achieving it?
Padan: In the simplest and most direct explanation, the goal is to practice self-reflection. This means to realize how much of ourselves we project onto the world, and therefore create our reality. This is done through training and workshops in which, through interactive activities, participants engage in a conversation and reflection together. The activities provide content for reflection on result and process and bring up dilemmas… Read on.

2016/February     The Art of Self-Reflection

An article about Mellem Education’s founder Tali Padan

“Hi, I’m Tali. Like Taliban.” The whole group grins and the atmosphere becomes relaxed. You instantly notice there’s something special with that curly-haired lady that is smiling at the seminar participants. After that introduction, you just cannot wait to find out more of the external trainer invited for EFIL’s “Shaping identities – shaping societies” seminar. A week that would soon prove mind-boggling, mentally exhausting and above all, eye-opening and rewarding in the end thanks to the Betzavta self-reflection method used by Ms Padan. Read on.

2015/May     Preventing Violence through Self-Knowledge

An article by Tali Padan

I have been intensely interested in learning my whole life.  Gaining information was one kind of knowledge, but I have always been particularly inspired by learning about the self. This is the kind of knowledge that is not accumulated.  In fact, you have to go through a process of unlearning to see your true self.  This is something I found out by continuously digging and digging.  It turns out that while discovering the self, I got myself out of the way. It turns out that this digging was in fact clearing out the dirt so as to see clearly.  In a sense, it was learning to get rid of knowledge.  The knowledge about myself, in the form of identity, personality, psychological behaviors, was no longer useful for me.  This is my little revolution that I would like to share. Read on.

2014/April     From Little Things Big Things Grow

An article by Emma Liddy

Religious holidays are celebrated all over the world. The people, places, beliefs and times change; but it would be difficult to find anyone who has grown up without having experienced tradition; the lead up to and participation in marking the occasion, whatever occasion that might be. These holidays become part of our identity, regardless of how relevant the holiday or the religion is. The tradition and ritual takes on its own meaning to us, the coming and going of these festivities mark the progression of the year just like the seasons. The holiday continues to be a part of us either because we continue to celebrate it, or because we make a conscious decision not to. Read on.